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so lets all jump on this band wagon and milk it dry, you know

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I was in 5th grade and I went on my first “hike” with my guru a man called dick wechter, it was like zen and the art of shitting in the woods, there wernt any fancy names and phrases like “waste disposal” and 0 impact or minimum impact and another thousand of these fancy doo dads (what is this do they have a bunch of high falutin people sitting somewhere who have nothing else to do but to think of all these fancy phrases. any way with wechter it was and till this day is, a way of life the whole emphasis was if you create a mess then clean it up man, be aware and sensitive of your environment and the people around you, dig a ditch and after finishing cover your tp in the ditch also, I guess what I am trying to say is this is just commonsense man, do you really need somebody to tell you not to leave your shit lying around, plastic and glass needs to be used again if possible take your crap back and get rid of it in the least harmful way, “dont leave a piece of plastic in the midde of the valley of flowers” man if you need to told this then you are a dork man.

I have friends here in delhi who are intelligent people but all their trash goes into one bucket, and a person who is the least bit bothered, tells me that I should sit down and some how also include “ecotourism” in my site so I can sell it, well man, I have taken plenty of tourism around and we just dont leave trash behind and we will try our best not to hurt the local culture and sentivities of the people so if that is “ecotourism” well am there and doing that, and while you are sitting here thinking “what an arrogant son of a ..... excuse me because its Saturday and the guy is at my door to collect the recyclable trash.....

Tibetan symbols

Tibetan symbols

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