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1. Rice
2. Laughter
3. Yeast (brewers Tibetan yeast) try ordering this on line ,good luck!!!!
4. Merriment


1. Cook 5 kgs. Rice
2. Spread cooked rice on large sheet
3. Take off clothing and roll around on it
4. Wait till rice becomes room temp
5. Take 3 pieces of tibbo yeast and crush
6. Spread evenly on the rice
7. Close up cloth, make into bundle, and keep covered with blanket, to keep warm
8. 24 hrs. Later wake up and smell the godly whiff
9. Put fermenting rice into plastic bucket by hand (not the cloth too you drunk.)
10. Leave if possible,for one month
11. Open lid of tightly sealed bucket
12. Take out as much mix as required
13. Mix with cold water
14. Strain
15. Mix brown sugar according to taste
16. Drink and proceed to hold conversation with tibetan gods.

Tibetan symbols

Tibetan symbols

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