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Momo gives you a gastronomical tour of Tibet

Tibetan food

Momo, the mainstay of the Tibetans, is a delicious dumpling, stuffed with minced meat and steamed or fried. About 8 - 10 eaten in 5 minutes can make you laugh with joy. Normally momos are eaten dipped in a wonderfully red chilli sauce, which makes you dance. See recipe!

Tour group

Dr Stan Wagner and his group of 52 had a good meal of thukpa, cooked in 2 hours flat by Tsering and helpers. The average age of the group was 60, and boy, did they have good appetites!

Momo gives you tall stories and legends

Around the bonfire, or on a glacier. On the edge of a precipice, or on the long lonely road. Learn about gods and goddesses, kings and errant queens, wrath and damnation, blessings and celebration!

Monastery painting

Momo gives you local colour

What about dining with a shepherd or dancing with the locals, or learning a bit of the lingo? Whatever you wish, it will be done!

On holiday Momo gives you a headytrailmix!

Trailmix is Momo's unpatented energy booster you munch on the way to Chandrashila or ny other mountain. Or whenever you want to chew your fingernails. (Which happens if a leopard sights you and you him.)

The recipe is roughly choc bits, nuts, roasted grain, gur, and other top secret ingredients. (Can tell you no mo.)

Momo gives you brain teasers

What makes a Tibetan more like a yak and less like a donkey?

Tibetan symbols

Tibetan symbols

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